Coda File System

Master - Server relation conflict

From: Thomas Mangin <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 11:36:13 +0100
My master is now working fine ... Thank you


I tried to connect a server to my master.
I set it up like my master (answering no to the scm question)

I re-runned venus-setup on my two computers like this:
venus-setup master.domain,server.domain 2000

and now when Venus start I get :
TIME : Venus Starting
coda_read_super: rootid is (0x7F00..00,0x1,0x1)
failure of coda_cnode_make for root : error -110

My goal is to have the coda data replicated on both disk In case of crash of
one of the two computer

Have you any archive of this list anywhere ... I didn't find one ..

Thank you.

Received on 2000-03-28 05:37:54