Coda File System

Server Replication (was: DNS needed for Coda?)

From: FSG STUDENT4 Ex Directory <>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 11:19:55 -0000
Hi Jan,

thanks for you help. It didn't solve my problem but at least
it helped my find a different solution.

> You could try to change the /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME file to 
> contain 'coda:repl'. Then reinitialise the
> client ('venus -init') and it should try to mount the 
> replicated volume 7F000001 as rootvolume.

Didn't work either. Now however I've got my system working
again! I found a previous mail on the list about server
replication, that helped a bit.

What I did now was:
1. Vice-Setup on both servers
2. Edit vice/db/VSGDB and vice/db/servers on SCM (called sf3)
   VSGDB now has three entries, like that:
   E0000100 sf3
   E0000101 sf2
   E0000104 sf3 sf2
3. start both servers
4. SCM: createvol_rep coda:root E0000100 /vicepa
   SCM: createvol_rep coda:two  E0000101 /vicepa
   SCM: createvol_rep coda:repl E0000104 /vicepa
4. start venus, mount only coda:root and coda:repl

Apparently it didn't work without the volume on the second

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