Coda File System

RPC2 function with secure

From: Masanori Nishijima <>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 22:34:16 +0900

I have a question about a RPC2 call.
In the case of "clog", it communicates with secure.
(RPC2_NewBinding() RPC2_MakeRPC() SecurityLevel=RPC2_SECURE)
The other way, it communicates with non-secure between venus and vice.
(RPC2_MultiRPC() SecurityLevel=RPC2_AUTHONLY)

I think that I communicate with secure.
but I don't find where RPC2_MultiRPC() is called in venus.
Please advise me the place of function call if you konw.


Masanori Nishijima
Received on 2000-02-25 21:11:31