Coda File System

Re: Aaargh.

From: Quinn Weaver <>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 13:06:36 -0800 (PST)
On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Quinn Weaver wrote:

> Aha!
> 20:43:37 New SrvLog started at Tue Feb  8 20:43:37 2000
> 20:43:37 Resource limit on data size are set to 2147483647
> 20:43:37 Server etext 0x813fa03, edata 0x81878b0
> 20:43:37 No RvmType selected!
> That looks like a memory-mapping problem to me.  I'm not sure what
> "No RvmType selected" means, though.
> [...]
> I'll bet that's the problem.  I'll try re-running rdsinit and see what
> happens.

O.K., I re-did rdsinit with the same values, except that I entered a
starting address of 0x50000000 for memory-mapped RVM.  Again, codasrv
starts without complaint, but then silently dies.  (It doesn't even leave
a zombie for debugging).  It writes this message in /vice/srv/SrvLog:

13:00:10 New SrvLog started at Wed Feb  9 13:00:10 2000

13:00:10 Resource limit on data size are set to 2147483647

13:00:10 Server etext 0x813fa03, edata 0x81878b0
13:00:10 No RvmType selected!

In other words, it's exactly the same message.  My data segment size is
0x19500000, which translates to 424673280 in decimal.  So it's definitely
within the limit.  

This is pretty clearly the cause of the TCP/IP error on the Windows
client, if not the "cannot open /dev/cfs0" error on the Linux client.
What is going on?  Surely I'm missing something obvious. ;)

PS:  Sorry I can't look at the memory usage of codasrv to verify that
there's space... It's 

PPS:  I'm using coda 5.3.4.  I'll upgrade to 5.3.5 soon, sooner if I can't
work out this problem. ;)

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