Coda File System

Re: Aaargh.

From: Quinn Weaver <>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 12:46:24 -0800 (PST)
On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Jan Harkes wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 08, 2000 at 08:57:06PM -0800, Quinn Weaver wrote:
> > 20:45:35 Probably another Venus is running! open(/dev/cfs0) failed (19),
> > exiting
> If anything has an open reference to /dev/cfs0 this error is returned
> (as it is most likely another Venus process). In the early linux kernel
> modules there was some problem with the refcnt not being dropped in all
> cases, but that has been fixed since version 2.2.9 or something.

Unfortunately, this happens if I try to run venus on the Coda server
itself.  That server is at 2.2.14.

> > On a Windows client, I get an "unable to open TCP socket" error box.
> Ehh, haven't seen that one, maybe the tcp/ip isn't enabled/configured
> for your network interfaces?

Nope, it works if I point it at the CMU test server. :(

> Createvol_rep is run on the server-side, at least I do. It is the
> "cfs mkm" that is done on the client.

O.K., then that's a red herring.

> Could you check in the server logs (/vice/srv/SrvErr and
> /vice/srv/SrvLog) where it keels over.


20:43:37 New SrvLog started at Tue Feb  8 20:43:37 2000

20:43:37 Resource limit on data size are set to 2147483647

20:43:37 Server etext 0x813fa03, edata 0x81878b0
20:43:37 No RvmType selected!

That looks like a memory-mapping problem to me.  I'm not sure what
"No RvmType selected" means, though.

> btw. others have had problems with mapping > 270 MB RVM data segments in
> the server. It uses more/different libraries compared to rdsinit, so
> rdsinit might have been able to map it, but the server cannot load the
> memory afterwards. If the log shows something like a failure while
> loading rvm data, try with a starting address of 0x50000000.

I'll bet that's the problem.  I'll try re-running rdsinit and see what


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