Coda File System

Re: Coda and Cyrus

From: Laszlo Vecsey <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 16:43:22 -0500 (EST)
I checked the docs on cyrus and it stores messages individually in files,
as does qmail maildir, and I checked the source to confirm that it does in
fact use hardlinks extensivly.. 

Is there a clean way to allow hardlinks in coda between directories? As
far as I know, the reason links are used for mail delivery is to make
things reliable over nfs. Since we're taking nfs out of the picture, how
about having a coda flag so that a directory hierachy could be set to
'move' files when unlink is called on files within it?

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Mark Peglow wrote:

> Hello:
> I'm looking at using coda with cyrus to build a redundant mail server. I
> have
> the easy part done (coda is installed, and running), but I am having a 
> problem with the way cyrus is running.  
> The system is FreeBSD 3.4-STABLE (as of 01/05/2000) with CODA 5.3.4.  The
> system
> was set up using the HOW-TOs on the website.
> When a message is sent, it does get delivered to the user (I can
> see the message on the disk), and the cyrus files (cyrus.index  and 
> cyrus.header) are updated, but the message will not appear to the end user
> (I am using Netscape 4.7 for the POP and IMAP client) until I run the cyrus
> utility "reconstruct".  Also, with IMAP, messages will not delete, but with
> they will.
> First off, will this even work?  If it is possible, what should I be looking
> at to get this working.  Any pointers would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark.
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