Coda File System

Tokens question

From: Bradley Marshall <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 10:40:33 +1000

We're looking at migrating from a NFS based fileserver over
to using Coda - we're currently in the middle of doing some
testing, and it looks quite good so far.

One of the biggest queries I have at the moment however,
is how people keep tokens up to date - I can see our users
complaining about having to re-enter their password every
25 hours.  Is there some method of easily renewing the tokens,
without having to enter the password?  Or some way of increasing
the timeout from 25 hours to something higher?

I found a reference to a PAM coda module, which seems to allow
users to obtain coda tokens when they log in, but I think
we'll need something slightly different as it doesn't appear
to allow you to keep the token for longer than 25 hours.

Bradley Marshall
Plugged In Software
Received on 2000-01-09 19:43:12