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General Coda Question.

From: Jan Hinterkopf <>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 16:28:02 +0100
Hi Folks !

I have a general Coda Question : 
First my problem : 
In the moment our Company is locadet in 2 Countrys : USA and Germany.
On both sides we have Linux servers connected to the Internet ( in USA with a
leased line, in Germany over Dialup connection.)
We are working with the Peachtree Accounting Software under Win9x (File Based
Our main Problem is to transfer the Database Files over the internet and make
sure, that only one location works with the Database.
It is not possible to work in Germany with the files in USA, because, the
connection is to slow for transfering all the files.
And my Boss don´t want to change the software ( into an SQLbased for example)
in the moment.
I know i can syncronise the files with rsync for example.
But I need replicated Volume so people in the USA and in Germany can safetly
READ and Write on the same data in the USA ( filelocking is very
important(Filebased Database)).And I don´t want to transfer the whole Database
throught the Internet for a single entry in Peachtree ( this takes over an half
an hour ).
(In the moment we work over VNC on an Win9x Workstation from Germany in the
USA....) .
Is this possible with Coda ?
Has Coda an encryption for the Datatransfer ?
When not , can i use coda with ssh ?
Can Samba access on an Coda volume (For the WinClients )?
Does Coda transfers much Data through the internet when the Data is Replicated
already and the people are working ?
And last but not least : It is stable enough for this job ??? Or there
alternatives ?

Thank you for reading ( maybe understanding) my bad english....

73+55 de Jan

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