Coda File System

Re: mkmount error

From: Major A <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 18:12:32 +0100
>  Well, I came to my conclusion because I had restarted everything
>  on the machine that had the client problem (and was also a
>  server for replicas) [not the SCM] and the problem remained
>  with not being able to mount the volume.  The problem was only
>  solved when the machine was rebooted.  I assume that in the
>  case the actual cause was subtle.

Are you running linux? If so, what version? It is a known problem that
in all but the very latest versions of the linux kernel, an older
version of the coda module was included which caused the problems you
described under certain circumstances (preventing you from rmmod-ding
the module).

I think this has changed in newer releases (I am using 2.2.13, it
works fine so far).

You can alternatively exchange the module, taking the original one
from the Coda www site instead. (Just compile and copy to


Major Andras
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Received on 1999-11-11 12:14:30