Coda File System

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From: Alan Scheinine <>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 16:29:22 +0100 (MET)
I have installed coda 5.3.3 and unpacked and reorganized many
files and directories of the package MPI.  Now I want to see
those directories on all other computer that run venus.
How long do I have to wait?  Hours?  For a newly created
directory on one machine, the other machine give me the error
$ ls /coda/software/MPI
ls: /coda/software/MPI: Connection timed out
Moreover, the "top" command does not show any especially active
processes.  I would have thought that if I ask for something
that is not locally available, the client venus would become
very active in getting the information.  The directories visible
are the ones that I created, on two different machines.  I started
working on one computer and I noticed that I might not have enough
space in /usr/coda so I continued the work of installing MPI on
another computer, installing under /coda, of course.  Now the
two machines in which I did some work see some but not all of
what I did and other machines see even less.  I am writing this
message an hour after trying to list directories and not seeing
any change in the attempts that timeout.  I would like to add
that I can read the directories that were created the day before
(but not on all machines) so the coda software is running.
In fact, looking at "ps aux" it seems that all the coda processes
are running, they just are not doing anything.

I have begun reading the archived mail messages of this mailing list
but because of other deadlines, it will take me at least a month to
read the messages of this year.  So I am asking this question even
if perhaps it has been answered before.  Is this problem common
and does it have a simple answer?

Alan Scheinine
Received on 1999-11-09 10:30:53