Coda File System

How do I do this in coda

From: tommy <>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 16:44:02 +0200 (CEST)

I like to setup up the following setup with CODA running on Linux and
FreeBSD servers.

I like to have two server working as Fileserver with CODA, call them
london and paris. Server Paris disk should be replicated on london disks.
London is a "stand-by" filserver for Paris. 

The two servers has dedicate multi 100Mbps ethernet between them.

The server London and Paris is connect two other server which is more like
applicationserver which use data on London and Paris filserver "cluster".

But as far as I know you must login with clog in which is no problem to do
with a expect script on applications server to get data from the CODA
servers London Or Paris. But as far as I know you must login every 25
hours becouse you session tick is invalid after 25 hours?

IS this right? Is there any way to fix it so You can have other server
like applications server connect to the CODa server without need to
relogin every 25 hours?

My secound questions is how do I setup nfs read/write export from London
and Paris. Need that to some workstation and Server running Solaris and 
HP-UX which need to get files/data from the CODA servers.

The setup is more expremential to see the strange of CODA in hetrogous

Plase help me!

Kind regards


NorthSea Consulting
Received on 1999-09-17 11:48:30