Coda File System

Re: How do I do this in coda

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 13:25:06 -0400
On Fri, Sep 17, 1999 at 04:44:02PM +0200, tommy wrote:
> Hi!
> I like to setup up the following setup with CODA running on Linux and
> FreeBSD servers.
> I like to have two server working as Fileserver with CODA, call them
> london and paris. Server Paris disk should be replicated on london disks.
> London is a "stand-by" filserver for Paris. 

When you have a replicated volume Coda will write to both servers, and
read from any one (and switches between the two once in a while). It
doesn't `think' of replication as a master-slave type failover setup.

> The two servers has dedicate multi 100Mbps ethernet between them.

Make sure your routing tables are set up ok, that's one of the common
problems I've seen with such a setup.

> The server London and Paris is connect two other server which is more like
> applicationserver which use data on London and Paris filserver "cluster".
> But as far as I know you must login with clog in which is no problem to do
> with a expect script on applications server to get data from the CODA
> servers London Or Paris. But as far as I know you must login every 25
> hours becouse you session tick is invalid after 25 hours?

If your application server doesn't need to write, you don't need tokens.
And if you do need write access, and your fileservers are properly
firewalled you can even get away with setting the ACL of System:AnyUser
to all, which gives unauthenticated users the right to write to the
volume/directory. So then you don't need tokens either.

> IS this right? Is there any way to fix it so You can have other server
> like applications server connect to the CODa server without need to
> relogin every 25 hours?

ACL solution:
    find /coda -type d -exec cfs sa {} System:AnyUser rlidw \;

Cron-job solution:
    Add (echo <password> | clog -pipe username) to the crontab.

Tokentool solution:
    (Tokentool is not installed by default, but it is compiled can be
     found after building coda in coda-src/auth2/)

    $ tokentool
    ViceID	    ? 500       <uid of the user to generate the token for>
    Token validity  ? 2000      <# hours this token needs to be valid> secret ? xxxxxx    <the auth2 secret>
    Output filename ? longtoken
    $ clog -fromfile longtoken
    (and add that line to the rc.local initscript as well)

> My secound questions is how do I setup nfs read/write export from London
> and Paris. Need that to some workstation and Server running Solaris and 
> HP-UX which need to get files/data from the CODA servers.

I figured out that I had to add a --re-export flag to the linux
userspace nfsd, as NFS normally refuses to export any network

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