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Re: Coda on Irix

From: Lou Langholtz <>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 12:03:08 -0600
"Green, Andrew" wrote:

> Not to start a debate, but heres another post to ponder:
> It does a fair amount of debunking of FUD and the like
> concerning SGI/Irix.
> . . .

I'm not going to bother CC'ing the rest of the list...

I just read the story. I guess you didn't read the comments though. If you're
not set one way or the other I'd suggest reading all the comments.

Bottom line is I have an SGI O2K, IBM SP2, 64 Node Linux Beowulf Cluster, Sun
E10K and have also admin'ed on MANY lower end machines from these
companies/platforms and SGI IRIX always crashes the soonest and the hardware
always fails the soonest. Don't misuderstand me though. I used to love SGI and
technologically they still do good things. They're just the worst at
implementing them of all the other major vendors and they're far from
competitively priced anymore. I wish this weren't so but from fifteen years of
sys-admin experience I can say that they're no longer anywhere near
competitive. Hell there O2K doesn't stay up for more than a week before it
crashes and when SGI tried setting one up even in there own labs they couldn't
get the thing to stay up even nearly that much.
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