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Re: Slackware Linux

From: Ben Gertzfield <>
Date: 01 Sep 1999 21:39:30 -0700
>>>>> "avenger" == avenger  <> writes:

    avenger> Actually..let me retrieve all the error messages here.  I
    avenger> realize the glibc part and originally I thought that was
    avenger> the issue with it..however slak4 dist has glibc in the
    avenger> optional package installs and I have it installed and
    avenger> libc5 removed..or did..which I might add was nice that
    avenger> they mentioned just installing glibc would crash your
    avenger> system if you didn't do 8 things first.

Unless I'm mistaken, the slackware support for libc6 only extends
to run-time, not development. I think you're SOL. :)

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