Coda File System

performance over long-haul

From: David Steere <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 11:07:45 -0700
My apologies if this has been commented on before...

I just downloaded the latest coda rpms (5.2.7-1), and noticed horrendous
performance when accessing (the default setup
from the rpm install). Fetching the file 
/coda/ftp.coda/ took 45 seconds, while fetching a copy
of the file from took 8 seconds. Has anyone else seen
this kind of performance or am I just lucky? Has anyone determined where
the problem is? I'm guessing the rpc2 side effects...

On a related note, ping times from here to ftp.coda take around 500-600
msec, to testserver.coda take between 200 and 400 msec, and pings to take only 100 msec. Does make me wonder how much of that is
CMU/SCS's nyetwork. Traceroute shows the big jump when my packets hit the, which I assume is the pittsburgh supercomputer
center, and the route to pitt is longer too.

Received on 1999-08-27 14:07:31