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Re: /coda: Input/output error

From: Karl Han - <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 04:14:05 +0800
Try modifying the volume log size maybe?
volutil  setlogparms  ....  (see the manual)
remember to set the parameter on each custodian (server)
of the replicated volume. and when you fail to restart
venus, mostly you only need to umount /coda first.

Torsten Foertsch wrote:

> Hello,
> I am new to coda. I have it installed on a newly installed Debian 2.1
> with Linux Kernel 2.2.11. I have coda-5.2.7 server and client compiled
> from the source coda-5.2.7.tar.gz but I am using the kernel modules shipped
> with the kernel.
> As a test I did
>   cp -r /usr /coda
> First it looked good. cp had copied files for about an hour. Then I missed
> the sound of my hard disk. The cp process hung. All the coda
> processes were there. I couldn't find anything pointing to an error
> in the log files. (/vice/srv/Srv{Log,Err}, /usr/coda/venus.cache/venus.log
> ...)
> ls /coda gave /coda: Input/output error
> df said /coda is mounted and has about 9GB free (nothing used)
> Killing and restarting venus failed.
> At the end I have tried
> kill -9 <venus_pid>
> umount /coda
> rmmod coda
> insmod coda
> venus -init
> and ls /coda works and df shows reasonable values.
> What did I wrong? How can  I avoid problems like this?
> I plan to use coda on a highly used WEB server. Actually there are
> 2 computers that should work as coda server and replicate the WEB
> content. One of them may be read-only.
> Thanks,
> torsten foertsch
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