Coda File System

/coda: Input/output error

From: Torsten Foertsch <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 21:08:03 +0200 (MEST)

I am new to coda. I have it installed on a newly installed Debian 2.1
with Linux Kernel 2.2.11. I have coda-5.2.7 server and client compiled
from the source coda-5.2.7.tar.gz but I am using the kernel modules shipped
with the kernel.

As a test I did

  cp -r /usr /coda

First it looked good. cp had copied files for about an hour. Then I missed
the sound of my hard disk. The cp process hung. All the coda
processes were there. I couldn't find anything pointing to an error
in the log files. (/vice/srv/Srv{Log,Err}, /usr/coda/venus.cache/venus.log

ls /coda gave /coda: Input/output error

df said /coda is mounted and has about 9GB free (nothing used)

Killing and restarting venus failed.

At the end I have tried

kill -9 <venus_pid>
umount /coda
rmmod coda
insmod coda
venus -init

and ls /coda works and df shows reasonable values.

What did I wrong? How can  I avoid problems like this?

I plan to use coda on a highly used WEB server. Actually there are
2 computers that should work as coda server and replicate the WEB
content. One of them may be read-only.

torsten foertsch

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