Coda File System

Re: Backup Problems

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 10:55:52 -0400
On Sun, Aug 15, 1999 at 08:53:33AM -0700, Len Burns wrote:
> Ok, I am now trying to get backup working on a coda volume.  I did the
> following:
> Created a volume like: createvol_rep home E0000100 /vicepa
> When the script asked if I wanted to backup the volume, I said yes,
> and it created /vice/db/dumplist.  I mounted the volume, and copied
> some files into it just for test, created a directory /usr/backups and
> type:
> backup /vice/db/dumplist /usr/backups
> This is what I see:
> 08:46:12 Warning: the hostname of this server (
> is not listed in /vice/db/servers

I think you need to list the full name of the backup server in
/vice/db/servers. It compares the result of gethostname against the
names it reads from there. Don't ask me why it wants to find it's own
name in that file, I don't see it used anywhere.

> Partition /vicepa: inodes in use: 381, total: 262144.
> 08:46:13 Partition /vicepa: 7537094K available (minfree=5%), 4564977K
> free.
> 08:46:13 No diskpartitions for backup!! Bailing out.

Here the backup program tries to find local partitions that it can use
to temporarily hold the dumped volumes. It skips any partitions that are
used by the fileserver (like /vicepa). You probably want to add
something like the following to /vice/db/vicetab.

    seashell     /backup    backup

> That would suggest to me that it is current, but it shouldn't be,
> because I have run no backup on it before, and just added data.  I
> have the odd feeling I am missing something obvious here, what am I
> doing wrong.  TIA
> -Len

Nothing wrong, except... Could you change the following lines in
-mail -s dumplist < $DUMPLIST
+#mail -s dumplist root_at_localhost < $DUMPLIST

It was very confusing for a bit, until I realized that we have no
volume named `home' on our servers ;) probably doesn't work for you out of the box either. But after
the `backup' program has finished, a dump of all volumes is stored in
the holding area (/backup). And then it is just a matter of dumping all
the data there to tape, and cleaning it out when the dump was

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