Coda File System

Question about using Kerberos and the Windows client

From: Soren Dayton <>
Date: 11 Aug 1999 11:04:54 -0500

I have been planning to run kerberized coda in a FreeBSD and Linux
shop.  I have also been planning to run Kerberos (on the grounds that,
if I'm going to have network authentication, it might as well be
something that I can use for other things).

Now I'm told that I'm going to need to support windows (NT) clients.
And I'm not really sure what the issues are.  So I have a couple of

1.  What are the arguments for and against running Kerberos for the
    network authentication layer?

    My perspective is that it could only be a win because I can use it
    for login authentication and all sorts of stuff like that, in
    addition to CODA.  Have people found this to be the case?

2.  What is the state of the windows client?  All the documentation
    suggests that the windows SERVER is in pretty good condition, but
    that the client is a little more shaky.  Is this the case?

3.  (This probably belongs on the Kerberos newsgroup, but maybe someone
    has thought about this).  There's still no reasonable Kerberos 5
    support for windows, right?  Is there anything that I can link Coda
    against (and hopefully also have my Eudora users use?)

Thanks a whole lot for any thoughts on any of these?

Received on 1999-08-11 12:19:34