Coda File System

Re: Server Startup problems

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 21:28:03 -0400
On Mon, Jul 19, 1999 at 10:05:24AM -0700, Ben Woodard wrote:
> Error rvm_load_segment returns 201
> 09:38:09 rds_load_heap error RVM_EINTERNAL

Strange, from looking at the sources this is probably the result of a
failed mmap of the RVM data partition. What exactly is wrong is unclear,
but it is either:
 - The rvm-data partition is not accessible.
 - The address (range) to which rvm is mapped is already in use.

> Any clues as to where to look for problems?

Check whether your scsi driver is loaded, can you f.i. do
  'dd if=/dev/sdb3 of=/tmp/dump bs=1024 count=1' without errors.

Check if there is anything mapped in memory between 0x20000000 and
0x2c8000000. On linux when the server is hanging in it's crashed state,
do "cat /proc/`pidof codasrv`/maps".

> Should I do vice-setup-rvm again?

That might work, but this is not caused by rvm corruption, the failed
mmap call is before those checks.

Received on 1999-07-19 21:31:38