Coda File System

Win95 stability question.

From: Mark Swanson <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 14:01:30 -0400

Just installed Coda and like it a lot. I'm especially interested that it
is supported under Win95/NT too!

I got it to work under 95 except for two things:

1. In a DOS shell I can't see any files on a Coda filesystem.

2. In explorer, I can see the files but I can't open them for writing -
even if I use clog and log on as the adminitrator.

If these are known limitations at this time that's OK. If there are
workarounds or procedures to get this working that would be great.


BTW, I want to build a filesystem that runs on top of Coda similar to
how TCFS2 runs on top of NFS. Has anyone done this with Coda yet?


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Received on 1999-06-27 14:02:57