Coda File System

Re: venus on same machine as server

From: <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 10:11:31 -0400 said:
| The problem below was caused by me changing the mounting point of
| coda, I changed the scripts "/usr/sbin/venus-setup" and  "/etc/rc.d/
| init.d/venus.init", but didn't know the  executable "venus" won't
| recognize it.   
| Jim Li wrote:
|| I have a venus running on the same machine setup as the SCM machine.
|| But I can not authenticate thru this venus.  The following is a
|| comamnd
|| dump, somewhere along the way I made a mistake, can someone help me
|| out?  

Wow, I would never have figured that one out.

The "/coda" mountpoint is pretty much hardcoded all over the place. 
You'll need to modify (at least):

advice:		advice/, advice/, advice/
asr:		asr/
auth2:		auth2/
librepair:	librepair/
repair:		repair/, repair/
cfs:		vtools/
hoard:		vtools/

Venus and clog `should' read it from the vstab, although the auth2 thing
is part of venus, and it doesn't.... Of the other programs, you probably
only need cfs, hoard and repair. btw. I also might have missed a few 
places because I only grepped for '"/coda"'.

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