Coda File System

to linux-coda developers

From: Denis Ducamp <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 20:19:43 +0100

I have to studie coda (and english too ;-) ). Actually I use slackware (I
tested RedHat and Debian but I don't apreciate very much, I found slackware
far more stable).

Some-one told me that coda use glibc and can't be compiled with libc; and
the last Slackware (3.6) is still libc5 and there is no package to upgrade
cc and c++ to compile glibc executables.

Is it right that I have to install a RedHat or a Debian to be able to
compile coda or is there a way to do it under slackware ***without***
installing a new cc/c++ ?


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