Coda File System


From: Robert V. Baron <>
Date: 23 Mar 1999 10:37:22 -0500
Mark Zielinski wrote:
> Hello.
> I have attempted to implement the CODA package on Slackware Linux, RedHat
> Linux, and FreeBSD.  Latest versions of each.  FreeBSD was the only one
> that got the farthest.. as it showed CODA as mounted where the others
> didn't.
> Have you run into a problem on freebsd where CODA is mounted but hangs
> when you attempt to change to the /coda directory?  My guess is it cannot
> be authenticated.
Don't know of any such problem.  What version of FreeBSD are you using?
What does /usr/coda/etc/console printout?  Are you using our test server
or your server?
Received on 1999-03-23 10:38:46