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Re: list access/trouble?

From: <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 18:15:02 -0500 said:
| I've sent two messages from work with a ''
| address in the last two weeks or so which never showed up on the list.
| Is there some sort of policy to only allow list subsribers to send to
| the list? If so, why haven't I recieved some sort of bounce message?

Hi Troy,

You are right, we were being targeted by some spammers a couple of
months ago, and the easy way to keep them out was to only allow
subscribers to post to the list.

I just looked and your mails did end up between the spams. I can 
reinject them into the list if you want me to.

Received on 1999-03-15 18:17:22