Coda File System

Re: assorted patches against 5.0.1 & dirbody.c fix for **BSD**

From: Robert V. Baron <>
Date: 19 Feb 1999 10:20:31 -0500
"Matthew Fredette" <> writes:

> What I'm actually doing now is running NetBSD 1.3.3 with the 
> NetBSD-current coda/ sources.  The patch I made to do this lets 
> them work under 1.3.3, and also (I think, but I haven't tried) 
> lets them work under FreeBSD 2.2.[68].  (The patch basically 
> adds back to the NetBSD-current coda/ sources the same __NetBSD__ 
> and __FreeBSD__ preprocessor #ifs, etc., that the cfs/ sources have.)

This scares me.  Not that its impossible to have one set of code
that runs on -stable Freebsd/NetBSD and Freebsd -current and NetBSD
-current.  (I did once.)  The code gets rather messy.  Its not only
that there are freebsd/netbsd differences, but there are also
generational differences as well.  -current (on both) have gone to
vn_lock vs calling VOP_LOCK directly.  I believe that there were
subtleties involved in unmounting coda.  Also freebsd -current
has changed the where vrele fits in as well as some details of the
vm system.

I'm guessing that you are trying to keep one kernel tree for all
platforms.  I'd prefer that you keep the 3 different trees and track
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