Coda File System

Re: assorted patches against 5.0.1 & dirbody.c fix for **BSD**

From: Matthew Fredette <>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 14:48:22 -0500 (EST)
> Thank you for the fixes that you recently sent.  Funny thing, I was
> just going to sit down and do the dirbody.c fix (for large
> directories) just after lunch when I got your patch.  I will slightly
> tidy up what you did and commit it.  Also, the other changes that were
> send for the NetBSD sparc support will be committed too.

> Lastly, you made some changes for the cfs/ kernel directory for
> freebsd and netbsd stable.  Because we were trying to limit the number
> of releases we supported, I have not been making changes available to
> cfs/ for the stable releases.  I have just been making changes to
> coda/ for freebsd -current and netbsd -current as part of their
> respective kernel trees.  Nonetheless I have back ported these changes
> to the cfs/ -stable (for freebsd & netbsd) because we need to use
> these internally (mainly on netbsd 1.3).  I will put this cfs/ that we
> use internally on our web site under the freebsd and netbsd downloads.
> You folk can tell me if this coda works better than what has been
> released previously.  Also, I will take patches against this base.

What I'm actually doing now is running NetBSD 1.3.3 with the 
NetBSD-current coda/ sources.  The patch I made to do this lets 
them work under 1.3.3, and also (I think, but I haven't tried) 
lets them work under FreeBSD 2.2.[68].  (The patch basically 
adds back to the NetBSD-current coda/ sources the same __NetBSD__ 
and __FreeBSD__ preprocessor #ifs, etc., that the cfs/ sources have.)


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