Coda File System

Coda and Debian Linux and PAM

From: <>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 16:12:35 -0500 (EST)
Ben Gertzfield writes:
 > Hey, folks. I'm working over at UC Santa Cruz on setting up Coda
 > for testing on a Debian Linux server. So far, 100% success!
 > I just ran 'alien' ( to change the
 > RPMs into Debian packages, installed them, moved the /etc/rc.d/* files
 > to /etc/init.d/, ran update-rc.d to set up the runlevel symlinks from
 > /etc/rc{0..6}.d/ into /etc/init.d/ and voila, no problems. Actually,
 > that's not true; one of the binaries in the coda-server RPM package
 > was linked against libreadline version *3*, which seems to not exist
 > in anything but Red Hat. Oops! I had to recompile that one myself.
 > I now have a successfully running Coda SCM and two clients.
 > A few quick questions:
 > 1) Is there any way to get Coda to do a clog upon login under Linux? 
 > Perhaps this could be accomplished via PAM?

Yup, you'd have to finish a PAM module for it.

 > 2) I'm just a beginner at Coda and AFS-like things, but I know AFS has
 > the concept of a 'cell', where I can anonymously (or authenticatedly)
 > browse through foreign sites by chdiring to /afs/ et
 > cetera. Does this concept exist in Coda?

Not yet.

 > 3) Do you need someone to maintain Debian packages of Coda? It'd be no
 > problem to modify the work you've done now on the Red Hat packages and
 > tweak them to conform to Debian policy.

We have a maintainer.

 > 4) When I tried to compile from the source myself (4.6.6), I ran into
 > a *lot* of include files in the wrong place; autoconf had set up a
 > -I/home/ben/src/coda/coda-4.6.6/include/ but this directory was not
 > part of the 4.6.6 source. I had to create an include/ directory and
 > copy all the .h files scattered around the 4.6.6 source distribution
 > into that directory. Has this been addressed in developmental
 > revisions?

type make coda, not make that should do it.

- Peter -

 > Thanks for the great work!
 > Ben Gertzfield
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