Coda File System

Coda and Debian Linux and PAM

From: Ben Gertzfield <>
Date: 11 Nov 1998 11:35:47 -0800
Hey, folks. I'm working over at UC Santa Cruz on setting up Coda
for testing on a Debian Linux server. So far, 100% success!

I just ran 'alien' ( to change the
RPMs into Debian packages, installed them, moved the /etc/rc.d/* files
to /etc/init.d/, ran update-rc.d to set up the runlevel symlinks from
/etc/rc{0..6}.d/ into /etc/init.d/ and voila, no problems. Actually,
that's not true; one of the binaries in the coda-server RPM package
was linked against libreadline version *3*, which seems to not exist
in anything but Red Hat. Oops! I had to recompile that one myself.

I now have a successfully running Coda SCM and two clients.

A few quick questions:

1) Is there any way to get Coda to do a clog upon login under Linux? 
Perhaps this could be accomplished via PAM?

2) I'm just a beginner at Coda and AFS-like things, but I know AFS has
the concept of a 'cell', where I can anonymously (or authenticatedly)
browse through foreign sites by chdiring to /afs/ et
cetera. Does this concept exist in Coda?

3) Do you need someone to maintain Debian packages of Coda? It'd be no
problem to modify the work you've done now on the Red Hat packages and
tweak them to conform to Debian policy.

4) When I tried to compile from the source myself (4.6.6), I ran into
a *lot* of include files in the wrong place; autoconf had set up a
-I/home/ben/src/coda/coda-4.6.6/include/ but this directory was not
part of the 4.6.6 source. I had to create an include/ directory and
copy all the .h files scattered around the 4.6.6 source distribution
into that directory. Has this been addressed in developmental

Thanks for the great work!

Ben Gertzfield

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