Coda File System

Re: Help Required

From: <>
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 17:23:18 -0500
> Hi Guys,
> 1) I have created a file called check on rohini .
>    I modified the same file on sirius .
>   Venus starting...  
>   Local inconsistent object at /coda/check2, please check


There is a local-global conflict between rohini and the fileserver,
sirius is unaffected because it simply doesn't know rohini has local
changes to the same file.

A problem however is that it is _impossible_ to repair conflicts in the 
coda root. The only solution here is to get rid of the modifications on 
rohini by either purging the modification log:

  client$ cfs purgeml /coda

or by completely reinitializing the client during startup (the -init flag)

> 2) I tried making file directory on rohini
>    cd /coda
>    mkdir usr
>    mkdir: cannot make directory `usr': Read-only file system

All these problems crop up because rohini keeps the volume disconnected
from the fileserver until the conflict is resolved, which in this case is 
> Can somebody please help me . Is there some problems in installation .
> I have compiled files and copied them in the relevant directories .
> I couldn't install rpm's because of the following failed dependencies 

Your installation is fine, administrative I would recommend everyone to
create a user or test volume to avoid getting conflicts in the coda-root.

- create a root volume i.e. coda.root which will be mounted as /coda
- start venus and set access control to only allow the administrators to 
  modify anything on the volume, and read/lookup for the rest of the world:

 client$ clog					# authenticate as administrator
 client$ cfs sa /coda System:Administrators all
 client$ cfs la /coda
 client$ cfs sa /coda System:AnyUser rl

- create a user volume
 server$ createvol_rep user.tilatg E00000100 /vicepa

- mount this volume 1 or 2 level below /coda:
 client$ mkdir /coda/usr
 client$ cd /coda/usr
 client$ cfs mkm tilatg user.tilatg
 client$ cfs sa tilatg System:Administrators all tilatg all System:AnyUser rl

And play as much as you like in there, and conflicts should be repairable.

> Thanks in advance for any tip and help
> Regards
> Rohit

I hope this helps,

	Jan Harkes
Received on 1998-11-05 17:30:21