Coda File System

Help Required

From: Rohit Kumar <>
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 22:24:24 PST
Hi Guys,
 I am trying to install Coda on RedHat version 5.0 with kernel upgraded 
to 2.0.35 

I have got two machines ;-  rohini  and  sirius

On rohini I installed Coda SCM server and Client . I think both are 
talking because I'm not able to see NOT_REALLY_CODA file in /coda 
directory .

On sirius I installed only client .

Now i am facing following problems :

1) I have created a file called check on rohini .
   I modified the same file on sirius .

  Now when I see the files under coda directory , I see the following    

  The /usr/coda/etc/console files have the following entries :
  Venus starting...  
  Local inconsistent object at /coda/check2, please check

  I tried to run repair
  repair> beginRepair
  Pathname of object in conflict? []: /coda/check2
   ENABLEREPAIR: /coda/check2/: No such file or directory

  Venus on sirius is not giving any conflict
  cd /coda

2) I tried making file directory on rohini
   cd /coda
   mkdir usr
   mkdir: cannot make directory `usr': Read-only file system

   On sirus:
   cd /coda
   mkdir usr
    check2 usr/

3) Files made on Venus on sirius machine is not visible on rohini .
   I created some more files on sirius 
      check check1 check2 /usr /project

  On rohini 
 I even tried stopping Venus on Rohini and restarting , but I got the   
same result .

4) On rohini , when I do
   cfs la /coda 
   Venus returned an ii-formed ACL .

   On sirius 
   cfs la /coda
   System:AnyUser rlidwka

Can somebody please help me . Is there some problems in installation .
I have compiled files and copied them in the relevant directories .
I couldn't install rpm's because of the following failed dependencies for client and server ( I have got for client  ( I have got ->
For rohini I am using File system module for kernel 2.0.35
For sirius I am using File system module for fernel 2.0.32
Kernel modules are directly installed from the kernel .

Can this be the cause of above trouble?

Thanks in advance for any tip and help


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