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Re: disconnect mode

From: Carsten Ranfeld <Carsten.Ranfeld_at_Informatik.TU-Chemnitz.DE>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 12:24:41 +0100 (CET)
On Fri, 23 Oct 1998 wrote:

> > I tried to get in this mode but it didn't seem to work.
> > Hoarding was well (I think), but when I disconnect, I get timeouts.
> > Venus tried to contact the server and didn't realize the disconnected
> > mode. So it didn't want to work on the cache.
> > What's wrong , I don't see my(?) mistake.
> Well, you can pull out the network cable, I do that some times to reconfirm to 
> myself that I actually am working completely disconnected. The timeouts are
> actually a good indication that you are disconnected. However the files (or
> directories) you want to access are not cached, and therefore you might not
> be able to access them (or create new directory entries). Maybe the hoarding
> failed to work.
Now I believe the files I access are not cached :-(

> > The manual said: "hoard walk" will fill the cache and then I could
> > disconnect. But hoard doesn't has a walk in "man hoard" and the execution
> > of it showed:
> > [car_at_icebear report]$ hoard walk
> > pioctl:Walk(501): No such file or directory
> > pioctl:Verify(-1, /usr/coda/tmp/a01352, 501, 0): No such file or directory
> Aha, this is another frequently asked question, hoarding operations are only 
> allowed for some primaryuser. You can only specify this on the commandline
> when starting venus. (`-primaryuser <your uid>')
Does it means only the primary user can do hoard actions?

On my machine I am the primary user and only I will do actions on venus. 

> >>>             venus -primaryuser 500 -r vmm:root &               <<<<

I added this line to venus.init but it didn't work.
"hoard list" shows the files I want to have hoarded. 
"hoard walk" made no error but when I disconnect (cfs disconnect) there's
the same situation I described before. 
I have actually 3 to 4 file I want to access. Before disconnecting I
access them. Then they should be completely in cache - no way :-(

Carsten Ranfeld
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Received on 1998-10-30 06:32:04