Coda File System

Re: client died, now what?

From: <>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 14:13:56 -0500
Mike wrote:

> This seems to have gotten me past the first hurdle. Next, what about these,
> are they something to be concerned about, or are they purely informational?
> (And is the a TFM to pull these answers out of, lest I waste peoples' time?)
> [21:14:12]SocketListener: "sl.c", line 435:    DecodePacket(RPC2_REPLY):
>     state != AWAIT
> [21:14:25]SocketListener: "sl.c", line 439:    DecodePacket(RPC2_REPLY):
>     bad seqno

These are informational messages boiling up from the communication layers, 
telling us that the client (or server) is receiving replies which it has
already seen earlier, aka. useless retransmissions.

And I'm hoping to get rid of these messages by improving the retransmission 
stuff, so adding it to a FM is probably a waste of time too.

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