Coda File System

PowerPC support revisted.

From: Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 11:13:42 -0400
So, I've been playing with Coda on LinuxPPC recently; I redid Troy's
patches for 4.7.2 and the experimental glibc 2.1.  I also tweaked make
distclean a little when I was preparing the patch, and patched the
kernel module makefile (we need -msoft-float or the screen overflows
with evil kernel warnings).

I am down to one inexplicable problem: I keep getting weird fids.

Coda: unknown weird fid: ino 3148314, fid (0x7f000003,0x349,0xa1a).Tell Peter.
Coda: unknown weird fid: ino 3146378, fid (0x7f000003,0xc5,0x28a).Tell Peter.

Peter, consider yourself told :)

The patches are attached for those interested.


Received on 1998-10-19 11:27:23