Coda File System

Big and/or Multiple Partitions

From: <>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 14:27:26 -0400 (EDT)
In case this wasn't answered:

- add them to /vice/db/vicetab
- run makeftree to initialize them

Examples of this are in the scripts vice-setup-srvdir.

A reasonable "max" to adhere to is 256,000 file/directories, and for
an average filemix 130M of RVM should do.   We need more stability to
feel really comfortable about that though. 

- Peter -

Jeff Breidenbach writes:
 > > How can I add more partitions (/vicepb, /vicepc ...) for volumes?
 > > I didn't found this in the manual. 
 > I second that question. 
 > I guess in addition I'd love to hear suggestions for how (or if) one
 > can best devote fair amounts of disk space to a coda server. For
 > example, the 32 GB of disk I put on my linux coda server is still
 > mostly unused. I suspect it is too early to try for such capactities,
 > but I thought I'd ask.
 > Jeff
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