Coda File System

NEW: coda-4.7.2 snapshot

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 12:05:21 -0400 (EDT)
We have made a snapshot available.  We've been working hard and among
others the following changes can be found:*4.7.2*

- WARNING: you must use newly compiled kernel modules with this Coda user
level code on the client: we changed a formula (viz. hash)  that computes
the inode number from a fid. This remains hairy because we have 96 bits in
a fid and merely 32 in an int (i.e. inode). This has to be in sync between
Venus and kernel.

- some fixes to reintegration code: 
   - you should be able to more easily restart a crashed Venus and  
     continue reintegrating
   - you should be able to unpack large tar files (linux source) 

- more new directory code (try the clients they are good, servers
probably shaky).

- cleanup and little fixes(fid's, Elliot's compile
                           patches,Makefiles,changes to scripts)

- some changes to security code (root can get a Coda token like in AFS,
better ACLs for new volumes, more is coming...)

There is also new code in the NetBSD and FreeBSD kernels for current. Get
this from BSD land.

Send us more patches, and keep on trying our code!

The Coda Team.
Received on 1998-10-02 12:06:41