Coda File System

Re: Fw: problem with 2 servers

From: <>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 12:45:32 -0400
> [14:00:33]SocketListener: "sl.c", line 373:    HandleSLPACKET: NAK rcvd,
> state!=AWAIT
> and then
> 14:12:33 raznor nak'ed
> 14:12:33 nak'ed
> what does that mean ???

All these messages are related to the fact that the client-server
connection was lost, and the server `not-acknowledges' a client-request
to force a setup of a new connection. Normally this happens when a server
is restarted, but with 4.6.x coda versions prior to 4.6.5 this also
happened because the timeouts were too short after we disabled some
`features' which caused severe slow downs with high-speed connections.
So if you are not yet using 4.6.5 that might be a good reason for seeing 
connectivity problems.

I do not understand why clog does not work. You might want to try the
rpc2tcpdump, which is a version of tcpdump that can interpret the headers
of the rpc2 packets to see what clog is doing.

(rpc2tcpdump is on our website
(usage: tcpdump -Trpc2 host <client> and host <server>)

> Bye Thomas

Received on 1998-09-28 12:48:00