Coda File System

Coda 4.6.5 is there!

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 17:34:09 -0400 (EDT)
This is to announce Coda 4.6.5.  

Coda is a distributed filesystem with novel features such as disconnected
operation and server replication.  For many details about Coda see 

Coda currently runs on FreeBSD(i386), Linux(i386,sparc) and NetBSD(i386).
Ports to Windows are in progress.

What happened since Coda 4.6.1 our previous "public" release?

- we got official IANA port numbers.  We are using these now in
conjunction with the portmapper to run Coda on decent ports.  This
by itself makes Coda 4.6.5 incompatible will all previous versions.

- we have started to look at bandwidth issues.  Much of the bulk transfer
retry code was reviewed in the group and improved by Jan Harkes with
better constants and decisions.  Jan will pursue further connectivity
issues during the coming year.

- Kerberos authentication is now supported. This is work of Robert Watson
and Peter Braam. 

- Some updates to the documentation were made by Henry Pierce, who has
left our group.  Peter also updated the doc package with instructions how
to fix up sgml-tools to work for the documentation.

- Minor changes to Linux 2.1 kernel code. Get the new linux-coda-4.7.0.tgz
from the pub/coda/src directory. 

All in all this version is MUCH better than 4.6.1, try it.

It has been released in binary form for Linux i386, FreeBSD 2.2.5 (i386),
NetBSD 1.3(i386).

It can be found at:[your platform]

Documention in cpio and rpm format:


On the WWW is a new shortcut to the bugslist - this hasn't been previously
shown on the WWW and Jan and I have sorted the bugs by category.  

We have not yet gone through the mailinglist (linux-coda) to check what is
still an outstanding bug on that list. Don't get depressed. Jan's
Jitterbug installation should cheer you up.

What's next?  

Bob Baron is just about to announce his work on kernel support in FreeBSD
current and NetBSD current - yes, it's in the official kernels now - but
ELF issues and the like give some compilation headaches in user land.  
This will probably come out as 4.6.? as well as be included in our
unstable 4.7 release - see below.

Jan has made some nice graphical tools - we just forgot to package them.
They indicate bandwidth and the size of the client CML. Look in
coda-src/scripts.  Next time, they'll be in. 

Peter has just created chaos by checking in changes to give Coda a new
directory handling layer.  This is our development version 4.7 for which
we will release a source snapshot really soon.  It sort of works (client
is good - server does something).

Marc Schnieder is new to the group and has come to participate heavily in
the completion of the Windows 95 and NT stuff.  His patches, changes as
well as work Peter and Michael are doing will enter the 4.7 tree in the
near future.  It's unclear when this will lead to an easily manageable
Coda release for NT and 95 but of course this is our target.

Troy Benjegerdes and Anthony Johnston have ported Coda to MkLinux and
PPCLinux - this will get into 4.7 soon.  Phil Nelson is working on NetBSD
ARM (Hey Corel,  where are your boxes? :)). 


Have fun!

The Coda Group. 

Peter Braam,
Jan Harkes,
Received on 1998-09-03 17:33:25