Coda File System

Re: Coda servers and WAN links?

From: Ben Woodard <>
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 00:58:46 -0600
I have been thinking about this too and I was kind of interested in
knowing about the usage on a metered line. It seems like my coda
client keeps my ISDN line up all the time. Is there any reason for
this? Would the same thing happen to if I put a coda server here? 

It would be fine if it sat around not keeping the line up and then the
moment that it gets a request for a file, it goes back to the main
server for that volume and checks that the file is the same.


> Hrrmmm... I was wondering about this: Would it be possible to have two
> coda servers on opposite ends of a WAN link with r/w replicated volumes on
> both servers?
> I have an adsl line, and was wondering if it is technically feasable to
> have one coda server at my home, and one somewhere else. I've got >
> 256Kb/sec bandwidth, but the latency (ping times) are around 30
> milliseconds to router on the other side of the ADSL and around ~100-200 
> ms to my college campus network, depending on the time of day, phase of
> the moon, etc.
> Does anyone have any idea how coda would handle this? My impression is
> that it the architecture is such that it can deal with it, but might need
> some tuning.
> Any thoughts?
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