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Hi Magosanyi,

We do the documentation in SGML (like Linux HOWTOs).  It would be
marvellous if you made updates to the SGML files and sent us patches.=20

I'm away from my office until Friday and I will try to remember to send
you the source of the documentation when I get back.  We have not
previously released the sources to the documentation, and I will have to
make a few enquiries about copyright to comply with red-tape issues here -
I don't expect problems.

Thanks for your offer!  Chen is working on a HOWTO, perhaps the two of you
can team up - I would hope that the manual will contain both summary and
detailed instructions for setting up and maintaining systems, as well as
detailed instructions to explain the use of tools like repair and volutil
to users. An introductory tour will be very useful.

Also a FAQ is needed with frequently asked sysad questions. Perhaps we can
give that a shot.

The HOWTO could point out things like the sources, summary of install
(e.g. that you need a kernel module as well as user level code). It should
also give summary requirements (like don't run this on Linux PalmPilot)=20
and email list information etc.=20

- Peter -

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Magosanyi Arpad wrote:

> Hi!
> I have noticed that the coda documentation is outdated in some places.
> I am willing to enhance it somehow if someone tells me where is the sourc=
> It looks like that the source isn't included in the distribution...
> Or should I modify the html one?
> =20
> --=20
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