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Re: Overflowing stack of LWP - some experience

From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 05:15:51 -0400
I feel a flame coming on...

| Some experience from the trench ...
| Don't overflow your stacks designated for Coda's light-weight
| processes (LWP).  The LWP package seems does not provide protection
| against overflowing the stack and leaves that to be the responsibility
| of programmers.  (Stack size of each LWP is fixed during the
| LWP_CreateProcess call).

	         MachineCo 5000 Machine Tool User's Manual

	There are no safety limits to the travel of any of the
	adjustment knobs.  If a knob is twisted too far, it falls off
	in the user's hand, the traveler inside falls off and jams in
	the works, and the unit must be shipped back to the factory
	for repair.  All users of the equipment are responsible for
	counting their knob turns without error, and coordinating with
	all other users to keep the knob in its adjustment range.

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