Coda File System

Re: disconnecting

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 14:10:34 -0400 (EDT)
You need a token to reintegrate.  I'll ask Henry to add a user guest to
the testserver who can reintegrate. (sorry, but you will have to build
again in Coda). 


On Fri, 24 Apr 1998 wrote:

>   Now that I've given up on the server, I'm playing with the client.
>   I did a hoard "add /coda/playground/thoth d+", a cfs disconnect, and built
> some software.  I can't seem to get my client to reconnect (cfs reconnect,
> and cfs writereconect don't seem to do the job, or they're so slow I can't
> tell they're working).
>   Anyway, this is showing up in my codacon.
> [ H(07) : 0007 : 14:00:18 ] binding::~binding:  somebody forgot to decrement before delete
>   I'm sure the difference between a descendent and a child is mentioned
> somewhere in the coda docs, but it wasn't in the hoard man page.
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> Bob Forsman                         
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