Coda File System

Re: yer port numbers suck

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 13:15:34 -0400 (EDT)
This is what a portmapper does.  

We will however also try to register a separate port for the
authentication server and the ports for the cachemanager and fileserver.


On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Dan Hollis wrote:

> On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Brian Bartholomew wrote:
> > > It's just a bit uncivilized to register 13udp ports. 
> > 13 doesn't sound like too many to me, if you plan to make good use of
> > them.  Ports are there to be used.  You can always give them back
> > later.  I hope Coda will be adopted as a backbone of the net.  Would
> > 13 ports be too many to register for NFS?
> Would it be a bad thing to have CODA only have 1 registered UDP port,
> which a client can connect to, and request the port numbers for that
> server's coda service ports (which could then be arbitrarily assigned,
> eg random). Then you could add new coda services without having to have
> new ports officially assigned.
> Sort of what the tcpmux port was supposed to do (too bad nobody ever used
> it!).
> -Dan
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