Coda File System

my problems

From: <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 13:28:29 -0400
  At the moment I have no leads to go on with coda, other than diving into
the source.  I'm getting too old for that.  However, I had an idea that maybe
my kernel wasn't compatible.

 frop:20 $ uname -a
Linux frop 2.0.33 #9 Tue Apr 14 14:56:36 EDT 1998 i586

  This also includes the "non-executable stack" patch with trampoline
emulation.  Could this be causing problems?  Should I try disabling that
option?  (I'd rather not.  The internet is a VERY hostile place these days. 
The ORTGE web server logs 10-30 netbios probes a day, each consisting of 1-20
packets.)  Should I try one of the experimental/broken 2.1.x kernels?

  I'm running a 5.3.12 libc

lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root           24 Apr  8 12:20 /usr/lib/ -> ../../lib/

  I've already had abominable luck upgrading to 5.4.44 (totally fucked up
name resolution) and refuse to upgrade to RedHat 5.0 with glibc until they
eliminate a few hundred more buffer overflows.  keeerist.

  I am filled with hate, but it's not all your fault.

Bob Forsman                         
Received on 1998-04-17 13:33:32