Coda File System

Weak connectivity between servers

From: <>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 09:14:27 -0500

I think that weakly connected servers are presently not a good
idea. No one has ever investigated how much bandwidth is eaten by
resolution but it is substantial.  


Robert Watson writes:
 > Do we know how much Coda was designed with weakly connected servers in
 > mind?  I.e., two campuses, each with a cluster of Coda servers, usually
 > but not always connected?
 > Also, last weekend, you suggested that the Coda project could make a test
 > server available to Shafeeq and myself to test our divergent code on.  One
 > thought I had for this summer was that I would like to try running a
 > weakly connected server at my house in Maryland -- my parents will shortly
 > be aquiring a cable modem, so there will be bandwidth, but the connection
 > between there and here is often flaky.  Some other interesting experiments
 > might include taking a pool of servers (say, 7), and then partitioning
 > between the two.  All the papers I have read on Coda have to do with
 > clients with weak connectivity; in the real world, distributed servers are
 > also important.
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