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Restarting venus without rebooting the whole machine ?

From: <>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 09:12:49 -0500

I'm very glad that you are running 2.1.90

I think there are problems with the kernel code and restarting, and I
haven't had the time to carefully find out what is happening, but my
machine often needs a kick too after Venus crashes.

I think that fuser is broken, perhaps due to the new dentry code. (as
you may have seen the Linux 2.1 code for Coda was written completely
from scratch).

Also -- and even nastier than rebooting upon crashing Venus -- my
machine (a dual PPro with SCSI) freezes between 0 and 3 times per day
and I think that Coda is the culprit.  

If you have anymore information let me know, it might put me on the
right track.

- Peter -

LEE, Yui-wah writes:
 > Hi, Peter,
 > Currently, can we restart venus *without* needing a reboot of the
 > whole machine ?
 > I remember that sometime last year we could.  However, since
 > sometimes around last August/Sept this was not true.
 > I tried kernel module for both Linux 2.0.30 (come with CODA_4_3_13)
 > and Linux 2.1.90 (come with Linux kernel sources), the user level
 > venus is largely based on CODA_4_3_13.
 > Of course, I have made sure that no process was hanging on coda
 > resources...
 > [root_at_aria /root]# vutil -shutdown
 > [root_at_aria /root]# rmmod coda
 > rmmod: coda: Device or resource busy
 > [root_at_aria /root]# fuser -m /coda
 > [root_at_aria /root]#
 > -- Clement
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