Coda File System

port numbers

From: <>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 06:00:32 -0500

Following our discussions can you prepare a request for IANA:

We need ports for:

- venus our cache manager: udp for RPC2
  venus : tcp for Mariner (the debugging tool)
- srv the fileserver: udp for RPC2
- auth2: the authentication server: udp for RPC2
- yps: the protection server: udp for RPC2
- cvol: the volume location server: udp for RPC2

Please send me a draft, I think Satya and I want to go over it before
submitting if that's ok with you.  

I would like you to add scraw if you can.


- Peter - 

Andreas Jellinghaus writes:
 > the port numbers of coda as linstes in the coda source are a very bad
 > idea. all these ports are already used by other applications, and
 > registerd by iana. 
 > please choose better numbers, and register them at iana.
 > are the ports configureable, if it's necessary ?
 > andreas
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