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Re: coda on linux

From: J.A. Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 10:11:42 +0100
Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> i'm running debian hamm (to be 2.0), with latest version of nearly
> everything. the first thing i want to do, is to compile coda.

Hi Andreas,

 I've been running coda on Debian for some time now, and also created a
set of debian packages (coda-client, coda-server, coda-backup,
coda-doc). However, they do not have any postinstall-configuration.

Peter already asked me if he could put my packages on the ftp-site, but
I don't have the time to really fix the bad configuration issues, or
provide decent support for people who find bugs/problems in the packaging.

btw. Most of the `non-fhs standard' paths are hardcoded in multiple

> how useable is coda currently ?

Almost :) That is, I still do not start coda from sysvinit, mainly
because there are others who use my system, and they won't be able to
handle things when the client or server crashes. However, most hard
crashes are either solved, or very known ;) (A disconnected client
running out of log-entries hangs itself.)

And repairing conflicts after reintegration is still pretty rough, the
friendly `advice' user interface to do it was still very CMU-dependent
(the last time I tried).

My lastest packages are build from coda-4.3.13, but I should get it up
to 4.4.0 this week. I can then send you my .dsc/.diff.gz files, if you'd

(About some of your compilation problems:
 - You need to start the compilation using `make coda', then there
   should be no more depend problems, as the header files are then
   installed correctly into coda-4.4.0/include.
 - It's also better to compile the kernel module using the code included
   with the 2.1 kernels, or from the linux-coda-4.4.0.tgz package).

> andreas

Received on 1998-03-23 04:14:43