Coda File System

coda on linux

From: Andreas Jellinghaus <>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 16:41:35 +0100
i'm running debian hamm (to be 2.0), with latest version of nearly
everything. the first thing i want to do, is to compile coda.

here are my notes:

the whole include/depend mechanism does not work on my system.

changes to configs/Makeconf.Linux :
 - removed "-I/usr/include" to INCLFLAGS. 
	this is note necessary, as all linux compilers have this dir as
	default (unless cross compiling).
	includeing it causes problems, as some people have kernel version
	independent header files in /usr/include/{linux,asm}, and use
	-I/usr/src/linux/include for kernel dependend programs. coda does use
   	this flag, but if -I/usr/include is also used, and is listed first,
   	then /usr/include gets priority, and coda doesn't compile.

several times the compiling stoped, because header files not found.
solution : 
added paths to INCFLAGS and removed all .depend files, because they
contained the filenames, and not paths.

changed pioctl.h : on linux system it should include <linux/coda.h>
and not <cfs/coda.h>. added /usr/src/linux to the INCLFLAGS

pcfgen : yydebug was not defined. removed the #if (-DYYDEBUG=1 would do
	the same)

rpc2gen doesn't use global CFLAGS -> include files not found.

termcap is obsolete. removed -ltermcap from the linux definition.

many makefiles : all dependencies with $(INCLDIR) are broken.
i removed them.

many files: <cfs/*.h> should be <linux/*.h> ifdef LINUX

BTW: i know at&t crypt filesystem also uses the short name cfs.
	codafs might be a better name than cfs

termcap hardcoded in vutils/Makefile

could not link asr/parser :
../util/libutil.a(olist.o): In function `olist type_info function': undefined reference to `__rtti_user'
tricked it with a touch command. so i have no real asr, but everything

BTW: linux has a nice filesystem standard called fhs, latest version ist 2.0.
maybe we can make coda able to be compiled or configured, so it fit's in
such a system ?

ok, a test venus server is up and running. 
everything looks very nice so far.

a bit slow, but it's running inside strace, so this is normal.

how useable is coda currently ?

i have some machines, where i could realy use it for day to day operations. 

Received on 1998-03-22 10:45:14