Coda File System

Re: 64 bit coda (fwd)

From: Love Hörnquist-Åstrand <>
Date: 09 Feb 1998 09:26:34 +0100
Peter Braam <> writes:

> a) first you will need to port lwp to use some Alpha assembly for
> context switching.  Such code is shown in the RX package available
> from Transarc and can be adapted for Coda.  Should not be hard.  There
> are a few test programs in the lib-src/mlwp directory which will
> confirm basic functionality of the package. It's great that you can do
> this so easily. Please fire off. 

If we are talking about the same lwp as used by tramsarc
that was released a while ago, I have it working for digital unix
on just an alpha. The code is not relased yet but patches could be
since rest of the codebase that uses it is  broken right now due
too redesign. There was basic support for alpha in just that package.

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